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Organized by the First Presbyterian Church of East Aurora.  East Aurora, NY

Created via Live Stream on the Last Sunday of Every Month @ 7PM EST


1.  Download the music we will be performing/recording for our virtual choir here.

2.  Prepare yourself with a device and headphones that you can watch the Youtube live stream from while listening.  Have a second device such as a camera or phone ready that you can record yourself singing.

3.  Log on to the Youtube Livestream @ 7PM EST on the last Sunday of each month.

4.  Follow along with the rehearsal of the choir parts and the instructions given through the live stream to assist members in making their recordings.  

5.  Send your videos using the instructions given during the live stream.

6.  Visit this page to download virtual choir performances for us in your streaming services.

Download PDF Music

Music to be rehearsed and performed on Sunday, November 29th at 7PM

Virtual Choir Video Downloads

Submit Videos

HAVING TROUBLE LOADING VIDEOS??  Uploads work best from a computer.  If you are still having trouble you can send your videos individually to  Be sure to give me your name, voice part, and song title.  If files are too big for your e-mail, you can put them to a cloud and share them with the same e-mail!
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