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Piano Tuning - Repair - Sales



The piano in your home represents a major investment, a piece of family history that has (or will be) handed down for generations, an educational tool, and most importantly....a hub of joy and creativity!

Keep your instrument well maintained so it can sound perfect and remain a valuable piece for your family and home through...

         -Regular tunings to keep the instrument and it's many parts at pitch.

                    -Keeping the cabinet and action clean and free of dust that can erode and jam integral parts.

                              -Addressing service needs to keep the instrument in top performing condition.

                                        -Checking the value of your investment to insure and protect it for the future.

Beyond standard tunings, I am pleased to be able to service all the needs of your instrument in terms of maintenance, service, and appraisal.  

As of November 10th, 2018, Bradley Meholick (DBA BMMcreate) is proud to be the owner and manager of Carl Barone Piano Tuning.  Carl Barone Piano Tuning has serviced the Western New York area for over 35 years with close to 1,000 customers.  Bradley has had the fortune of studying the art of tuning and technical work with Mr. Barone, one of our area's few trained Master Piano Technicians.  Meholick is dedicated to continuing the superior service of Carl Barone Piano Tuning!

Trust the business LIVE NATION AND THE NATIONS TOP ARTISTS performing in the greater Buffalo, NY area trust to prepare their instruments for performances at THE KEY BANK CENTER, DARIEN LAKE, and other major venues.

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