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Lesson Payments via the Website

Beginning in November 2018, I will begin switching many of my receipt and business record keeping services to be handled through the BMMcreate website.  If you so choose, you will have the option of setting up automatic payment each month through the website.  For those that do not wish to use automatic payments, I will begin sending e-mail invoices and receipts for all students that pay monthly for their lessons.  For the many parents needing to track enrichment education expenses or other expenses throughout the year, both of these options will assist you in always being able to access or easily save expenses for private lessons electronically.  It also enables me to quickly print out a statement over any period of time for families if they should require it at tax time or at anytime as part of their homeschooling records.  

If you wish to set up automatic payments each month please click here or visit Plans & Pricing under the lesson tab.

Families wishing to make payments the traditional way at the beginning of the month are absolutely still able to do so.  


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