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Select your class from the pull down menu above.  For more information or to request a class offering please contact me at or call 716.870.8570

Current offerings...

Uke Can do it - Via OUTSCHOOL 

     This is a basic beginner course for the Ukulele designed for students with little to no musical experience.  In one hour we will get you playing, understanding some basic chords, and (most importantly) give you the skills and resources you need to continue learning the Ukulele on your own.  Click under the menu above to learn more on outschool.

Piano Tech Class

      This class is geared towards piano teachers wishing to learn more about their instrument, how to save money with some basic preventative maintenance, diagnose and fix simple problems with the instrument, and (most importantly), how to make simple tuning adjustments to keep your highly used professional tool sounding perfect for your students.  CLICK HEAR TO VIEW UPCOMING CLASSES AND REGISTER.

Musicking 101 - Via OUTSCHOOL

     This is a first level music theory course for beginners with no previous knowledge or those who wish to review from the beginning.  Unlike the average music theory course, musicking focuses on the entire musical package.  Each lesson, no matter how simple, always includes lessons that allow students with no prior experience to perform music and create music of their own right from day one.  Click under the menu above to learn more on outschool.  

Online Studio

Online studio is hosted through the BMMcreate website and can offer individual and custom instruction in any area desired.  Popular offerings include private music lessons, pre-audition evaluations, consultation lessons to assist performers in arranging their materials, etc.  Please contact me to discuss your needs and we can set up an individual session. or 716.870.8570

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