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Custom Instrument Finds



Found an instrument on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or another consignment site or listing?  

Have an expert inspect it for you, negotiate the best price, and delivered quickly in the condition you desire.  EVEN A FREE PIANO CAN BECOME VERY EXPENSIVE TO MOVE, SERVICE, AND MAINTAIN IF ONE DOESN'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO LOOK FOR.  I will make sure you are getting a good deal on any instrument you are interested in, inform you on any concerns or risks associated with the condition, and make sure that the instrument gets to you ready to be enjoyed.

Looking for a piano in a particular price range? a certain size or type? or a piece with a particular finish?

Contact me to discuss what you are looking for.  I will search the area for available instruments that fit your needs that others are looking to get rid of.  I am confident that, regardless of what you are looking for, an instrument can be found, serviced, and delivered to you for far less than you will pay at any music store.  Additionally, any instrument I find and work on will be guaranteed to last for you.*

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